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Computer Dating - Can I Use My Work Machine?

The simple answer is - it depends on your company. In these days of companies getting ever more concerned about just what is eating up their bandwidth they may not be wild about you trying online computer dating from you work station. However, many companies do take a fairly relaxed view of things and may not make an issue out of it. We couldn't possibly advise you to do anything which would get you in to trouble at work though.

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However, assuming that your company is OK about you using the internet at work for your computer dating purposes then there isn't any reason why you shouldn't use a work machine. You may not want to use your work e-mail address as we all take days off occasionally and do you really want your boss being able to see the love notes that you have been sending and receiving? Thought not. So, for internet dating why not set yourself up with a Hotmail, Yahoo or some such other free web based email account where you have to log in from your browser to send and receive your emails? That way, even if no-one ever gets into your machine when you're away on holiday, some bright spark in IT can't go through and read your email. Better be safe than embarrassed!

Having ensured your privacy on your work machine you are now ready to start online dating. Remember to always read what you are about to send once more before actually sending it. It's all too easy to dash off a quick e-mail to someone, hit send then read it again and find umpteen spelling mistakes and probably a sentence or two that doesn't actually say what you really meant. A few more seconds proof reading your message can make all the difference between maybe getting a response and not.

Some people can get quite nervous when dating online for the first time and writing a message to another user can be a bit stressful to start with. Very few people are lucky enough to be able to write warm, intriguing or amusing messages all of the time and every time and most people suffer from writers block at some point or another. We always find that one of the easiest ways of starting a message is to pick up on a point in the recipients profile as something to talk about. Perhaps you could ask a question about it. Perhaps you share a common interest, or live very close to each other? All of these are excellent ways of starting a message. The important point is that it's got you writing something and the second thing is that the recipient will know that you've actually read and digested their profile. This means you've spent time on them and shows that you're interested in them - and that flatters most people!

Finding your partner on the internet isn't like turning up late to a party where you don't know anyone and everyone else has already made friends. So there really isn't any need to feel self conscious. Just get yourself registered as soon as you possibly can and start to get in touch with people and see what happens - you could be surprised just how quickly things could change for you.

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