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We can't offer definitive dating advice that will work in every instance. However, there are some basic things that won't help your chances.

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The most important piece of dating advice is that you need to write an interesting message. "Hi, my name's Bill. Message me!" isn't interesting. It'll usually get a response muttered under her breath something along the lines of "Good for you Bill - hope you enjoy being single!" Equally sending a message with your complete life story probably won't cut it either. You may be looking for a partner that hopefully will lead to marriage but saying something like that on the first message may be a bit scary for many women - she thinks "Great, we'll go out for dinner. During the starter he'll ask me to marry him, during the main meal he'll plan the wedding, during dessert he'll have the honeymoon sorted and with our coffee we'll decide on the kids names!" Doesn't look too promising does it? Believe us - people do sometimes send messages like these. Hopefully the dating advice in this guide will prevent some future mistakes.

Occasionally, some people decide that they are going to write a message which is overtly sexual in nature. Don't! There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a bit flirty, but if you take this too far and start telling, who is at the end of the day a stranger, of your bedroom exploits then you are very unlikely to gain a positive response. Many dating agencies give users the ability to 'block' messages from particular people if they don't want to receive any more - so you don't want to be on the receiving end of that. Worse still - if the site operators receive some complaints about you then they may well just bar you from the site altogether. Just think about it - don't make yourself look stupid!

The other piece of online dating advice we have is don't try to write a 'one size fits all' opening message where you just copy and paste it into your message and fire off thirty messages in as many minutes! They are usually very easy to spot and usually get ignored. You need to make a bit of an effort. Hey, any one of these men or women could end up being anything from your latest date to your life partner. Better to ere on the side of caution then and make some effort!

Right! The effort bit - you need to really read the profiles of the people on the site. There's no point in just scanning the photos and thinking "Wow, they look great - I'll send those people a message" without looking at the detail of what they've filled in. Read those profiles carefully and think about how you can use the words they've written to make a message that they would want to reply to. It stands to reason that the easier you make it for them to respond and the more interesting you make your message to them that shows that you have spent some time on them the more likely you are to get one winging it's way back to you. Don't blow it with the 'cookie cutter' approach!

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