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Learn The Rules Of Messaging

Learning how to communicate by e-mail is extremely important when using internet dating agencies. Many people use it several times a day at work so you will have a good idea how to present things and you will also know how things can sometimes be misinterpreted. Many internet dating agencies offer some advice for beginners but above all else you should remember that what and how you write is the only thing that the recipient has to go on. They can't see you smile or laugh so you must make it clear that a joke is a joke. Humour can go badly wrong by e-mail! We've known married couples start arguments by e-mail when something was misinterpreted.

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Most internet dating agencies advise you to check for any new messages frequently. That way you won't have to wade through dozens of messages at a time. You will also be more inclined to answer them as the task won't appear to be so daunting! As a point of good manners you should always acknowledge receipt of a message - even if it's just to say that you got it and will get back to them later when you have a little more time. It will also stop you from getting a load of 'Did you get my last message' e-mails!

You should try to respond even if you're not interested in the person that sent the message. You don't need to spend hours thinking of a reason - you can develop a standard note that you send out to say your not interested. How about something like:

Thanks for your message. However, having looked at your profile I just don't think that we would get on particularly well.
All the best in your search.

It's short and sweet and won't offend the majority of people that use online dating sites. You can probably come up with something a little more to your own style though!

Of course, some of the better internet dating sites now offer chat rooms too. This means that you can talk in 'real-time' to someone. This can be a great way of getting things moving forwards rapidly. Alternatively, if you've been sending messages to each other you could pre-arrange a rendezvous in the chat room so you can have an instant conversation. It's a really good way of finding out if someone really is on your wavelength. Of course there's a whole lot of emoticons that are used in chat rooms to convey various feelings, emotions etc. If you've been using any form of instant messenger service for a while you'll have picked up on a lot of them already. If not, you can always look them up on one of the many dictionaries available on the internet. Just do a search on Google and you'll soon find a range of sites offering online dictionaries for you to use.

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