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Internet Relationships - Getting A Conversation Going

The starting point with internet relationships is to find common ground to talk about. You only have one place to look for this before you send your first message and that's in their profile. We mentioned before how you should use this as the basis for your message and you'll find it much easier to compose your message that way as well.

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While some people may see subscribing to a dating agency as a certain way of starting internet relationships there is a need to be yourself. There's little point in spending time messaging backwards and forwards if you never show that you hold an opinion about anything. Does it really mean that you don't have an opinion on anything or is it that you're too desperate to converse with someone - anyone? It will help everyone concerned if you do express your opinions. It helps others to know what makes you 'tick'.

Open ended questions are a great way to get a conversation going. Essentially, any question that can be answered with a straight yes or no is a poor question. For instance, the question 'Do you like where you live?' can easily elicit a one word response. However, try asking 'What are the best things about where you live?' and you're far more likely to get a fuller answer which may well give you more material to respond again. It's not what you ask but how you ask it that can make all the difference.

So, pick up on a point or two in the profile of your match and use them to their full potential. You can say a little bit about yourself in this too. You could give your match some information by answering one of your own questions. This also shows that you're open and willing to answer questions from them too. Don't spill out your whole life story though! This is a first message, so there needs to be enough to make someone else interested in you and want to reply but it doesn't need to be a cure for insomnia! People tend to be interested in what you've been up to recently and what you've got planned for the near future. You could say what you're doing at the weekend for instance and ask if they're doing anything nice. You might be in the middle of a good book so you could talk about your favourite authors or films that you've seen. The important thing is to keep the conversation going - without that internet relationships don't stand a chance!

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