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I Want To Date Single Women - When Should I Make Contact?

There are lots of single women online today. However, it seems there are fewer single women than men looking for a date. That means that speed is of the essence. Many dating agencies give you the option of having an e-mail or text message sent to you telling you the moment that you have a new match. Think about it - if someone has just registered with a dating agency and you send them a message immediately you are far more likely to get a response. To start with you'll be the first, or one of the first and the profile is new and fresh so it won't just be an old one which someone hasn't removed. You snooze - you lose! So use the tools provided to you to their best effect and get ahead of the rest! Remember to check your e-mail or phone daily if you've decided to receive the alerts to tell you if you have new matches or messages.

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As we've said before, the only thing that you have to make your initial impression with is words and your profile. However, it's the message that'll get you the date - your profile is more for information purposes. We wrote a lot about how to create a good profile earlier on and much of it holds true for your first message. You want to stand out from the crowd but not in an arrogant, self-centred sort of way. Not many single women find that attractive in a man.

Your first message should pick on one or more points in her profile. You should be honest, without being a bleeding heart. Humour is a very attractive feature that many single women rate highly but don't forget to make sure that when you make a joke that the other person knows that it's a joke. Not everything that is funny when spoken out loud is so funny when it's written down - it can so easily be misinterpreted!

Don't assume that people will be an expert on your interests or career so avoiding 'industry speak' would be a good idea. After all, no-one likes to be made to feel that they are inadequate in some way just because they don't understand things that are everyday to you. Women tend to be more interested in emotions, feelings and what makes you tick rather than whether you drive an open-top sports car or your material wealth. Of course, that's very nice too if it comes as part of the package but it isn't the be all and end all so don't major on this. Your individualism should come out in you message. You want to make her think you're worth spending time on.

Remember that you don't just want to write one message so keep some material for later - mature women dating want to know that there's more depth to you. If you put too much in your first message you may come across as trying to sell yourself too much - a big turn off for most people. Don't forget to give her a number of points that she can easily use to get back to you on - you hugely increase your chances of getting a response that way.

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