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How Singles Sites Romances Differ From Meeting Someone For 'Real'

Relationships that start through singles sites are very different to those that happen in the 'real' world. One of the strange things is that when you start messaging each other things can move really quickly. You might message each other several times each day, especially if you're able to use the internet at work. That way you'll cover so much ground really quickly. What might have taken you weeks to find out about each other can sometimes only take a couple of days or even less.

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People that meet through singles sites usually have the benefit of anonymous messaging which, as we explained before, allows you to send messages to each other through a singles site without either of you needing to know even each other's e-mail address or other personal contact details. This often appears to give people greater confidence to move things along more quickly and enables you to throw some caution to the wind. Research has suggested that women, especially, feel more in control starting a relationship this way. It's likely that you will open up much more about yourself and your dreams for the very reason that you are in control of the situation. If you don't like the way things are going then you can just stop messaging - they can't pester you with umpteen phone calls or call on you at your home because they don't have any of these details.

Using a singles site also allow you to send messages to people that you wouldn't normally come into contact with in the 'real' world. For instance, you might do the night shift which means that it would be hard to have a relationship with someone that works more sociable hours - even if your paths did ever cross! Using the internet to sort out your love life gets around this. You can send a message at any time of the day or night - the internet never sleeps! Your contact can likewise respond whenever they like.

So relationships can move faster - it's not unknown for messages to be sent one day, a date set up for the next day and a relationship to blossom from there. It doesn't always happen as quickly as that as it obviously depends on how much time each of you are able to spend composing messages to each other. However, using a singles site can have that ability and effect on some people. The flip side to this is, of course, that you can also spend several weeks getting to know each other 'electronically' before perhaps moving to a telephone conversation or two and then maybe a date. The important point to remember is that you're in control whereas in the 'real' world you are less so.

So, you have anonymity, the ability to cut off contact without any repercussions, the chance to get in touch with far more people than you would ever normally come in to contact with, and most of all a mutual desire to find a partner. You can feel safe to put any reservations on one side and experience what could be the start of the next and possibly best chapter in your life...

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