Dating Agencies - I Need Some Advice About Ending A Relationship

Any of the quality dating agencies will always tell you to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself - a cliché these days - but one that we at Pearmatch really believe in.

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It's much better to be honest with yourself about a relationship. If it isn't going where you want it to go then why not talk about it with your date. It could be a misunderstanding - or you could decide to end the relationship. Whichever way it goes is probably for the best. You shouldn't have to compromise the things you believe in just to keep a relationship, any relationship going. It may be hard to walk away from a relationship, but there is absolutely no point in trying to be the sort of person your date wants you to be if it really isn't you. Eventually, you will stop trying so hard to fulfill his or her idea of the perfect partner and the relationship will fall apart anyway. Be honest with yourself and if you're not happy and you've talked it through with your date then end it. There are plenty of other people on dating agencies out there looking for someone just like you. It's just a case of getting the two of you to meet!

Ending a relationship, is all about psychology. You probably don't want to come across as the bad guy or girl. So what do you do? Many people like to avoid confrontation. Therefore, we perceive the easiest way out to be to ignore the other person. Please don't do it - would you want to be treated like that if you were keen on someone? What you are trying to achieve is the end of a relationship - so end it - don't just leave it in limbo! You will thank yourself in the long run and most dating agencies will be able to find you lots of other people for you to date.

You also don't just want to hint at the end of a relationship and leave someone with the opportunity to come back with reasons, pleas etc. etc.. So end it, but do it nicely. Dating agencies are full of nice men and women just looking for the right person. Maybe you've decided that this man or woman isn't the one for you. If you feel that way then in many cases the other party will also feel the same way.

However, it is always best to be firm but fair. It's better not to go down the blame route at all - it will just create resentment in both of you. The thinking person's way out is to complement the other person so that they feel good about themselves (you haven't made them out to be the bad guy or girl) and then deliver your reasons for not wanting to take things any further. You should leave them in no doubt about your intentions - if you leave room for ambiguity here you may end up with the late night pleadings that many of us have experienced at some point in our lives but there's no need to be brutal or insensitive about it. In some cases you may wish to remain friends...

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