Dating On Line - What's Important To You?

We've said several times before that before you start dating on line you ought to write out your lists of what's really important to you and what is less so etc. Women who try internet dating tend to find that the younger they are the more messages they receive. This is also true of slim women rather than those of heavier build. Likewise shorter or more heavily built men tend to get fewer responses than taller more athletic men.

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If these things are really important to you then fine but it might also be interesting to see what other people have to offer that don't fit your 'type'. Folklore has it that people with seriously impaired eyesight develop an acute sense of hearing almost as a form of compensation. So it can be with other things. Just because someone doesn't fit into societies 'norms' doesn't mean that they can't be a great person. The whole point of dating on line is to meet all different types of people that you wouldn't normally get in touch with. Give it a try - you might just surprise yourself.

Rather than excluding people that don't meet your ideal it might be good to try changing the description of yourself slightly to see whether that provides you with greater or fewer interesting matches. For instance, you might decide that you are prepared to travel further than say 30 miles. This could open up many more interesting people to you. Alternatively if you're getting too many matches then you could always reduce the distance that you are prepared to travel.

Just remember - this is supposed to be fun and interesting. After all, if you asked most happily married couples whether they married exactly the type of person they thought they would we're sure that most of them would say no. Doesn't mean they're not happy though!

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