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Before registering on a UK dating site we feel it's a good idea to make a list of things that are really important, nice to have and unimportant to you. If you made this list earlier then here's a good opportunity to use it again.

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If your dating site allows you to say something in your own words about yourself and the person you would like to meet then you can use this as an opportunity to emphasise these points. For instance, you might have a real hang up about tattoos. That's fine - if you really find body art objectionable then say so! You do want to try to come over as open minded and as positive as possible but if something is an absolute non starter for you then you should say so. No-one, most of all you, has time to waste reading replies from what you would automatically perceive to be no-hopers.

Sometimes dating sites make some sample profiles available for you to look at but don't be tempted just to copy and paste them into your own - it will be very obvious to most other users and shows that you didn't really spend much time thinking about who you are and who you want to be with. Anything that smacks of a lack of effort or commitment should be avoided. If you're really struggling to think of what to write about yourself then why not ask a couple of your friends for their opinion of you? If you don't want to tell them that you're thinking of using a UK dating site then you don't need to. You can always have one of those deep and meaningful chats and find out that way. You may not agree with what they say but it should help to get you started. The important point is to recognise who you are and what sort of person you are and from there you can work out who your ideal partner might be.

If you find people who perhaps work, say, in the arts very interesting or perhaps you like sporty types then why not add it to your profile. You don't have to say it in such a way that you won't get contacted by other people from your chosen dating service. In fact, someone who responds to your profile may try extra hard to convince you that whilst they don't work in the arts or aren't particularly sporty you really ought to meet up with them because they have a lot to offer too!

Looking at most UK dating sites, including, reveals that people often write very similar things about themselves. You absolutely must try to stand out! We've mentioned elsewhere that it's not enough just to say that you have a good sense of humour and enjoy either wild evenings out or quiet one's in with a bottle of wine and a DVD. Almost everyone else said that too! Really put some of your personality into it - make someone want to get in touch with you rather than just blending into the background. It doesn't mean that you need to write poetry or reveal your innermost secrets - just grab someone's attention!

Can't think of an idea for a date?:

Many of us went to zoos or safari parks when we were children. The animals are still just as interesting to us as adults too though! So why not take your date to the local zoo and get in touch with your animal side. Some zoos allow you to handle a few of the animals too and you might be able to 'adopt' one for a relatively modest monthly contribution if the idea takes your fancy. Just remember not to feed the bears! Going to the zoo can sometimes also work very well as a way of introducing your date to any younger children that you may already have.

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