Using Multiple Free Dating Agency Profiles

We don't know of one free dating agency that stops you from posting multiple profiles at the moment. Not to say there aren't any out there that do stop you but we believe it to be very rare.

The advantages of posting more than one profile on a free dating agency are fairly obvious - you can try one with a photo, one without, and vary what you say about yourself with each profile. Our experience suggests that you are almost always much better off including a photo though. You may also get more responses from other users. It's probably wise not to register too many times though as you may get responses from some of the same people and you may also lose track of which profile you are meant to be at any one time! Of course we couldn't recommend that you tell any lies about yourself but this is a good way of saying the same thing in a number of different ways. After all it's often not what you say but how you say it that matters. Obviously with a free internet dating agency it doesn't cost you anything to have as many profiles as you like but eventually you may have to subscribe to get in touch with people. So you'll lose out on the matches from those other profiles anyway.

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If you want to post multiple profiles then we recommend that you stick with using free dating agencies until you've made your mind up what you want to do, unless, of course, you're lucky enough that money is no object! It's unlikely that any subscription based service would stop you from having more than one profile but even if they did you could always subscribe to a different dating agency.

Once you've worked out how to best present yourself from using multiple profiles we would recommend that you remove the profiles that didn't bring the responses that you had hoped for from the free dating agencies and stick to just using the one that worked best. Now you can use that profile with a paid for service such as You'll almost certainly benefit from a better run service and more useful features. For instance, paid for services should have staff that can answer any queries that you might have reasonably promptly. Most will also moderate profiles before they are added to the site to ensure that no offensive material is posted by people who are just messing around. While this may not seem important right now, it means that someone cares about the integrity of their database and is interested in trying to provide you with a good service. On well run services incomplete and 'junk' profiles rarely see the light of day, which means that you must have a much better chance of getting in touch with someone that genuinely wants to hear from someone like you.

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