Does A Free Dating Service Attract Liars And Cheats?

Any free dating service will almost certainly attract more than their fair share of liars. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is as honest as you are. That's why we always recommend that you register with a service that you have to pay a modest subscription charge before you can get in touch with anyone. For some reason it puts the fools off - can't think why!

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Don't necessarily believe that all people play by the same rules as you do - many don't. The motivation for being dishonest on a free dating service is, of course, to receive more matches. You will have picked up throughout this guide that we want to stress the importance of honesty and we hope that the people who are tempted to lie are now convinced of the fact that they will only be fooling themselves. By all means try a free dating service but do keep your wits about you. It's very easy for someone to make themselves out to be something that they're not in cyberspace.

The bottom line is that whether you use free dating services or subscription based ones you should try to move to meeting up in person, or at the very least, start talking on the phone as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Most liars aren't very good at it and you will soon find inconsistencies in their stories as you get to know them better.

Meeting online is no different than meeting in the real world. You will find liars - but you will find genuine people. Using a subscription based service will cut your chances of meeting people you will be disappointed with. Just keep things real and don't give the keys to your heart away too easily.

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