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OK, you've done the hard bit now but you still need to decide on the type of people you would like your online dating service to help you get in touch with. Do ask for exactly the type of person you want though because most online dating services have thousands of people on their books, so they will usually provide you with details of exactly the type of people you asked for!

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Almost any online dating service will allow you to change your requirements after you've registered but it still may be helpful to make a list of essential characteristics before you start to make sure you get off on the right footing. You could divide your list into 'essential,' 'nice to have,' and 'unnecessary.' Some of these things might be physical characteristics such as age, or perhaps your matches must live within a certain distance of you. Other things might be personality traits or whether they have children from any previous relationships.

Whilst an internet matchmaker can provide you with exactly the type of person you asked for it does, of course, rely on the honesty of everyone involved. You may find a small number of people have been less than honest about themselves but more fool them - they're only kidding themselves and are just making it harder for themselves to find a partner.

You will almost certainly have the tools to narrow down your search but don't forget that you may exclude people on the basis that they don't meet one of your criteria but in every other way they are perfect for you. It pays to keep an open mind and make your selections a little bit wider to get the most out of your agency.

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