Personal Ads - Things To Consider

When you make your personal ads or online dating wish list you must remember one basic thing. You are your own person and you need to find someone that makes you happy - not your friends or your folks. It's great if it all dovetails together but at the end of the day you're the one that's got to live with your partner - not the rest of your family or friends.

It's easy to make a wish list that is so demanding that of all the thousands of people that read personal ads or use online dating agencies you end up being left with a very small selection. You can make it so hard for yourself that even with the best will in the world you'll be more than likely to remain single.

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Online personal ads are very different to online dating agencies or matchmaking sites. Many personals sites have thousands of profiles but they are often quite limited in terms of the information that they tell you. They are also usually not that sophisticated in terms of being able to refine your search. The bottom line is that they don't match you like some dating agencies and all true matchmaking services do. The best sites, like, match both ways - so just because, say, a middled aged man is interested in meeting a significantly younger woman doesn't mean that he will get to see the profiles of all the younger women on the site - he'll only get to see the profiles of women who have expressly said they are interested in meeting a man of his age. This is just one example - good matchmakers apply this practice to many other criteria to end up supplying you with a list of people who should be pretty close to who you would like to meet and they should also be interested in you. So rather than spend your valuable time on a personal ads site or, worse still, scanning the column inches in the back of a newspaper we heartily recommend using an online matchmaker. They're really quite quick to use, usually taking perhaps no more than ten to fifteen minutes of your time to get yourself registered, and allow you to narrow down your search enormously so you can concentrate on people who are more likely to be interested in you.

So as we said before - you should be realistic and prioritise what is really important to you and what isn't before you start using any form of dating site. If you asked most people who are married whether they're in a relationship with exactly the type of person they thought they would be, then most of them would say 'no'. That doesn't matter - they were fortunate enough to find someone that suited them by being reasonably open minded.

So the golden rules before placing personals ads or registering with a dating agency are: create a positive image of yourself, believe in yourself, think about who you are and the type of person you would like to be with, keep an open mind, and always, but always, be extremely honest. So what are you waiting for? Follow the advice - it might just change you life!

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