Finding Single Girls More Easily

While many online dating agencies have loads of people registered with them remember the old adage 'you put rubbish in and you'll get rubbish out.' You also need to think a little bit about how other people might answer the questions in deciding what requirements you might have. For instance, say you're a guy looking for single girls do you say that you only want to meet single women?

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We can't advise you strongly enough to think very hard about the sort of person you would like to meet before you start online dating. If you leave all the answers to your questions very 'open' then you won't get particularly well targeted matches. On the other hand, if you really don't know the sort of person you are looking for there isn't much harm in just keeping your options open and browsing the profiles. Once you've seen the profiles of people that you wouldn't want to meet you can always edit your profile so that you can exclude these people and so receive more focussed matches.

The problem with finding single girls is that many women may put themselves down as being single because they are - at the moment. However, they may, in reality, be separated, divorced or widowed. They're not lying, it's just a matter of interpretation. What's really important is that they are single at the moment, registered with your dating agency and want to meet someone for a new relationship.

In the same way did you really mean that you only wanted to meet single women in the truest sense of the words? Sure, some people may not wish to get involved with someone who has gone through a separation leading to a divorce. Just be sure that you have read the questions for what they are and have thought about how others might view themselves. It's certainly not unreasonable to expect people to possibly describe themselves as single when they're not in a relationship at the moment.

Another reason that girls might describe themselves as single is that they may have had a relationship go badly wrong on them, maybe through no fault of their own and they feel they may appear to be less attractive to possible future partners if they say they are divorced for instance. The above examples show just what can happen and why people say certain things - we could come up with many others. The best thing to do is to select the type of person that you want, having thought about what people might describe themselves as, and then make contact. If you strike up good email conversations these things will almost certainly soon come out in the wash.

For those of you that really do only want to meet someone that has never been married before you might want to think about this - what's so terrible about having being married before? Sure, the relationship went wrong, otherwise they wouldn't be here. Having had one relationship go wrong also often means that they will try to talk about things before anything goes badly wrong again. Remember, they've seen the warning signs before. If you really do have an issue with someone being previously married then you could always say a little bit about this in your personal message. You could say that you only want to meet single women and define what that means to you.

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