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Now that you've decided to register with a uk dating agency you probably have a wish list as long as your arm that you would like your perfect partner to be. That's fine, but before you start tapping at the keys you really should take a moment to look at yourself. We don't mean the clothes you wear or the extra inch or two around your middle, but mentally. Are you a bit depressed, a bit down about yourself or your lot? If that's the way you feel then you will come over as being a lot less attractive to potential partners than if you're feeling good about yourself and fairly upbeat. Sure, we all have low points, but if the last couple of sentences describes you then think about trying to do something about it.

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It's not always easy to change but it can sometimes only take the smallest of things to start making you feel good about yourself again. Perhaps try buying a few new clothes or cutting your hair differently. You might think about starting to exercise more regularly. That's a great way to make you start feeling good about yourself again... Do something, almost anything, but don't mope around getting into a downward spiral. You can't make yourself taller or younger but you can project a positive image about yourself. If you hold a good opinion of yourself then others are likely to see you in the same way and you will find meeting a partner through a UK dating agency that much easier. Registering with a uk dating agency can provide you with the contacts and the sort of people you are looking for, but beyond that it's up to you to make things work if you want to.

People often find that it can help a lot to write down the things that you have achieved or found that you are good at in your life so far. No matter how trivial they might seem now, if they made you happy at the time, they're worth noting down now. You might be surprised just how long the list gets. See - you are pretty darn special after all! Most dating agencies have a section where you need to describe your personality traits. It's far too easy to do the usual British thing of being terribly modest and reserved about your achievements but this is a time when you should be honest, not over the top, just honest about yourself. If you're the life and soul of a party then it's fair to say that you're extrovert or outgoing etc. You might want to think about how one of your friends might describe you to someone else.

It will probably help you to think about yourself a little more if you have a look at the sort of questions that agencies typically ask first - after all, there's no need to re-invent the wheel!

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