Single Girls UK - Checking Out The Competition!

There may be many UK single girls seeking men or vice versa on your internet dating service and you'll want to stand out from the crowd so checking out your competition is always a good idea. While it is generally easier for women in their mid thirties and under to attract men on an internet dating site, due to there being far more men than women, it can be slightly more difficult if you are in your forties or older. As a result it may be interesting to see what other people have entered on their profiles - can you improve upon it? Lets face it, only one person probably invented the wheel - the rest of us just tried to make it roll a little more easily!

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So how do you go about checking out the competition? It's quite simple really. All you need to do is just enter a new profile (assuming it's free to do so) without a photograph but put yourself in the shoes of the person who you would like to meet instead of your own. So instead of putting yourself down as single girls seeking men do it the other way around. Make exactly (or as close as possible) the same selections describing the person you are but enter them in the area where you are supposed to describe the person you would like to meet. Then enter the selections for the type of person you would like to meet but in the area that's supposed to be describing you. Don't forget to make sure that you have got the genders the right way round!

Now you can see how your competitors have presented themselves as either single girls seeking men or men seeking women. Have a close look at the profiles. You'll find that many people say pretty similar things about themselves so you can now decide how you can make yours more noticeable than theirs. You'll find that almost everone says that they have a good sense of humour - but do they? You'll also see that a lot of people will say that they like evenings out but also evenings in with a bottle wine and a video or DVD. We don't doubt that this is true but if everyone says the same thing then it's hard for someone else to decide on who to contact - hence our advice for doing this and seeing how you can make a better first impression armed with this knowledge. Of course you must now delete this profile to prevent your dating service from getting full of people that aren't real. If you don't delete it you might receive messages that are intended for someone of a different gender. Also, don't upload a photo as it will look out of place among photos of a different gender! While it takes a little time to do, this can be a really worthwhile exercise. It might take you a few minutes but at least you know who you're up against and how you can come across as being more worth writing to or responding to than the next person. Do make sure that you you know how everything works before you try doing this though!

Looking for ideas for a date?:

Release the child in you by going to your local park or recreation ground and playing on the swings or roundabouts. Maybe give the slides a miss though!

or, for a different pace perhaps:

Choose a warm evening and collect a small picnic together. Then find somewhere with a great view, chuck a blanket on the ground and watch the sun go down together. Enjoy the closeness without even having to say a word!

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