Online Dates & Safety

Dating agencies are not full of serial killers and psychopaths! However, being a responsible dating agency, we decided to put this brief guide together to help you think about your personal safety once the online dates phase moves to meeting up in the real world..

When you decide to meet up please remember to meet in a public place - a coffee shop or public bar is ideal. Do not meet someone for the first time either at your home or theirs. Please tell someone where you are going and how long you think you might be. You don't need to mention anything about online dates etc. to friends - this is simply to let someone know your whereabouts.

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Once you've arranged to meet someone do make every effort to turn up. If you feel that you might be late or can't make it then do contact the person as soon as possible so they're not left waiting for you. Many dating agencies will take a rather dim view of users who make a habit of standing people up.

If you have a mobile phone then please remember to take it with you and at the end of your date make your own way home. If you don't feel that you and your match are suited then you should tell them that you have had an enjoyable time but you don't feel it would work and you would rather not take things any further. This is not only fair on the other party but also on yourself - if it didn't work out as intended then you'll want to find someone else from your match list.

Don't feel pressurised to get into a relationship faster than you want to. Take your time and set your own pace. Also, try to avoid conversations about former partners as this can be very off putting for your date. Try not to drink excessively, even if you are nervous. Avoid taking your children (if you have any) when you are meeting for the first time. Most of all have an enjoyable time, be positive about yourself and try to relax.

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