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Some people don't want to admit that they met through a dating agency. For some reason a few people think that others may hold a lower opinion of them if they know that you use online dating. Why? All you did was take control of the situation and decide to change your life for the better. There are several jokes around the internet but one of the best must be "What do you call someone who doesn't use an online dating agency? - Alone!"

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If you do own up to it you may be surprised just how many of your friends also admit to using a dating agency at some point. The stigma of using online dating agencies should be long gone by now, especially for the younger generation. All the research points to more and more people regularly using a service in the future which can only be good news for other singles currently trying to find their ideal partner on the internet. However, no-one need know if you don't want them to - after all it's only a little white lie.

The simplest answer to that "So how did you meet?" question is to ensure that your answer has a grain of truth in it. If your first face-to-face meeting was in a coffee shop then why not say that you met by chance in a coffee shop. Whatever you do though make sure your new partner knows the story too otherwise it could end up a little embarrassing and you might have to admit to using a dating agency and wanting to hide the fact!

Current - I dont want to say that we met through an internet dating agency.