How Dating Agencies Operate

Most online dating agencies appear to work in a similar way but can operate quite differently behind the scenes to give you your list of people. Almost all will want you to register with a username and password fairly early on in the process. Some online dating services are free but most require a small fee to access the full features of the site. It makes sense to go for dating agencies where you have to pay a subscription fee. Why? Because you know that other people who respond to you are serious about finding a partner. The free services tend to have lots of users just having fun on the internet so it would be very easy to get put off altogether.

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Following your registration you will be able to log in and view the profiles or ads. You can divide the various online services into three basic classifications. Unfortunately the definitions do get blurred at the edges so it always worth taking advantage of any free trials to ensure that you have a service that you are happy with before you subscribe. The first type are Online Classifieds and are very similar to ads that you might see in newspaper classifieds sections. Normally you have to browse through all of the ads, although some sites do give you some basic filtering options. The second type are Online Dating Agencies where you are able to specify in more detail the type of person you are looking for. So, for instance, you might be able to say that you're looking for someone who is 5'4" to 5'8" tall and lives within 10 miles of you. You will then be shown a list on screen of all people who meet those criteria. The final type of services are Online Matchmaking Agencies. These really are the sites to go to for serious daters who want to meet someone who is compatible for a long-term relationship. What happens with most online matchmaking sites is that they ensure that your matches meet all of your requirements but also that you meet all of theirs before showing you the appropriate profiles. Obviously the chances of you finding a compatible partner sooner are that much higher and you shouldn't need to waste so much time either communicating electronically or physically going out on unsuitable dates. After all there's little point in being given the profile of someone who meets all your requirements if you aren't remotely appealing to them!

As mentioned earlier the definitions do tend to merge into each other but it's important to remember that not all introduction services were created equal!

Whether you choose one of the many online matchmaking sites or one of the other forms the basic principle is the same - once you've seen the profile or ad of someone you like then it's time to put pen to paper - or more accurately to put fingers to keyboard and get messaging!

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