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Online Dating Services

OK so we've said that most internet dating services have more men on their books than women and that women might get deluged with messages and that men might not be so fortunate. This might sound a bit off-putting but so long as you know how to play the system and are prepared to put a bit of effort in you can win. After all you didn't expect to be a perfect match with everyone on the site did you?

The most important thing when using dating services is to be honest. It does sound very obvious but just as you would wish people to be honest with you in the 'real' world so you should be honest in the 'virtual' world. You must always bear in mind that the whole point of joining any of the many internet dating services is to end up meeting people in person. So there really is little point in saying you're a 6 ft tall athletic male if the reality is you're 5 ft 2 inches and your idea of physical exercise is reaching for the remote control! It might be tempting to 'lose' a few birthdays along the way but you'll have to come clean in the end so it really isn't worth it. Surely it's better for someone to be interested in you for who and what you are rather than what you think they would like you to be.

Right - that's the honesty bit out of the way. The next thing is that almost all dating services allow you to chose your own username (although some may allocate this to you). If you get the chance to choose then try to make it as memorable as you can - maybe you can even get some of your personality into it. It should be positive and most definitely should avoid any possible sexual innuendo.

We've mentioned about including a photograph with your profile earlier and most dating services offer this facility. As long as you're comfortable including one then do take advantage of the facility - those profiles with a photograph really do get more people looking at them than those without one.

The final point is to say something about your interests, your personality and what makes you an individual. Try not to repeat exactly what's in your dating services profile but by all means expand upon it and refer your reader back to your profile. It's important to give the person you are messaging an opening to write back to you with. The easier a message is to respond to the more likely they will respond.

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dating services
dating services