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Pearmatch Personals?

Pearmatch personals was set up in 2000 with the intention of becoming the best personals site on the internet. We are honest about the service we offer - allowing people to see the profiles of our users before they decide whether to subscribe. It seemed that while there were a lot of web sites devoted to dating and matchmaking, we felt that we could provide something a little different and hopefully a little bit better for our users.

We talked about the different types of dating site earlier on but it bears repeating that Pearmatch is a true online matchmaker. We're not an online classifieds site claiming to match you by just using a couple of criteria. We match you both ways with our other users on many criteria to provide you with good quality matches - saving you wasting time and effort on the unsuitable ones. This means that if you match with someone then they also have to match with you before we make you a match. By doing this we like to think that we have gone for a quality not quantity approach to the service. It would be very easy for us to bombard users with lots of so-called matches every day but there seems to be little point if, at the end of the day, you are not what each other are looking for.

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We get our computers do as much of the work as we can get them to - allowing us to pass on a very reasonable subscription cost to yourself. We decided from the beginning that should only serve the UK so we spend time trying to weed out people that try to register from overseas. This is why you won't find most of our users are living on the other side of the world!

Even though we offer very reasonable subscription fees we have provided lots of features on the site. We've got chat rooms, an anonymous messaging system so you don't have to give out any contact details, the ability to block users that you don't want to hear from any more, the opportunity to send virtual kisses to let other users know that you're interested in them. On top of this we've also provided a history area where you can review which profiles you have looked and - and who has viewed your profile, amongst other things. We're always looking to improve things, often as a result of comments from you, the users. So if you have any suggestions as to how your matchmaker can improve the service please don't hesitate to let us know.

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