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The profiles that you can expect from one online dating agency to another vary quite a lot but most include the same basic details and then expand on these to a greater or lesser extent.

The way we do it at Pearmatch is to provide eight of what we term 'thumbnail profiles' per page. They will show you a thumbnail photo (if available), the username, age, occupation and the number of children the user has (if any). We decided at the outset to try to make the Pearmatch online dating agency quick to use - if you had loads of time on your hands then you probably wouldn't be with an online dating agency - so you can tell pretty quickly, especially if there is a photo, whether you want to spend time reading the full profile.

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If someone grabs your attention with their thumbnail profile then you can either click on the image or on the 'View full profile' link underneath which will open up a much fuller profile. This will show you a larger photo (if available) and other details such as build, height, looks, education, religion, smoking habits etc... In trying to be the best available UK matchmaking service, we also wanted to include a section where people were able to describe their personality a bit. To make it easier (and quicker) for our users, we prompted them to select from a list of attributes rather than having to struggle with trying to describe themselves in their own words. So users are able to put on their profile whether they consider themselves to be affectionate, fashionable or shy etc...

The next part, and the part that many users find the most interesting to read about in others, is their interests, so we ask our users to select from a fairly comprehensive list of interests. These range from reading to dancing, from photography to keep fit and many many more.

The final part, which we introduced at the request of many of our users, is an optional area where people can describe themselves and the things they like to do in their own words. This is a very popular addition as it gives people the opportunity to really put their personality into their profile and make themselves stand out from the crowd. If something is really important to you and you want to voice it then this is the area for you. You can use this area to describe yourself and your personality in much more detail; to show your sense of humour; to add additional things that you would like to say about yourself that weren't available any earlier in the profile builder; perhaps you'd like to tell other people what you're looking for from a relationship and how you hope it might develop.

In our effort to remain a premier division online dating agency we constantly strive to improve our service so any suggestions are always welcome.

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