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Are Internet Dating Sites Costly?

Internet dating sites offer subscriptions in a variety of ways. Some offer the rather confusing method such that you purchase 'tokens' or 'credits' which are exchanged electronically in return for messaging privileges. Some insist that you install a piece of software that makes your modem dial into a different server from your ISP so, effectively, you pay for the service through your phone bill. That's fine - but what if you want to use your office computer after hours or if you have upgraded to a faster connection than a dial-up modem such as xDSL or Cable etc. at home? What if you don't have your own computer and are using an internet cafe to access dating sites? In all these instances it will become much more complicated, if not impossible, to use this sort of payment method. Other internet dating sites like go for a simpler system where you purchase a subscription for a period of time and it costs you the same whether you use the system twenty-four hours a day and seven days per week or if you only use it once - and this can be used on almost any computer connected to the internet as long as you remember your username and password.

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However, a number of internet dating sites allow you to use the site for free before you have to part with your hard-earned cash. Pearmatch allows you to access the whole site and to use it just as you would if you were a subscriber except that you can't send or receive messages. You also won't be able to use the chat room. This means that you can see all of your matches (with their full profiles), edit your profile and your requirements as many times as you like, without having to make any financial commitment to us. You only need to subscribe if you wish to get in touch with someone or if you want to read any messages that have been sent to you. We believe this is fair to you, the user.

The advantage of subscribing to paid-for agencies is that you know that the other people who message you are serious about meeting someone. It also shows the people that you send messages to that you are sincere and genuinely looking for someone too. A subscription based dating website is, in our opinion, usually better designed than a free one too. Free sites have to obtain an income in some way and so tend to push advertising at you in what can seem like an endless stream of pop-ups, pop-unders, flashing, spinning, contra-rotating widgery do's! All this is designed to attemp to divert you away from what you visited the site for in the first place and into buying something else! You'll also find that a subscription tends to stop you receiving messages from the, possibly, inebriated Friday night crowd that seem to so often use the totally free sites for sending abusive, or what they believe are amusing, messages. Strangely enough, a small subscription fee seems to usually stop this problem from occurring!

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