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As we've mentioned before we wanted to be the best of the UK dating sites available online. Therefore, we built in an enormous range of features into the site and tried to make it as quick and intuitive as possible to use. We didn't want people wasting their valuable connection time reading great long help files - they are available if you particularly want them but we hope that it all falls naturally to hand and you find it easy to navigate.

Although the terms appear pretty interchangeable these days we would stress again that we are much more than most UK dating sites - we're an online matchmaker. This means that we match you with our other users and vice versa to ensure that you both have a better chance of meeting your perfect match.

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As a UK dating site we think it's important to only focus on the UK which means that you won't find most of your matches live on another continent.

Features on the UK site that we have included are the ability to change your profile as often as you wish - including your photographs, add up to 5 photos, turn your e-mail notification of new matches and messages on and off at will and independently of each other. We offer anonymity so that someone will only know you by your username - you won't have to give out your e-mail address or phone number to anyone else as all communication can take place through the sites user interface. You can, of course, give out as much or as little information as you wish in your messages, but at some point you will probably want to start to communicate outside of the site prior to meeting up. The important point though is that you are in total control and can dictate the pace at which the relationship moves. In the rare event that you receive a message from someone that you find offensive and you would rather not receive any more messages from them you can, of course, block all future messages from that user. For more instant communication why not have a look at who's in the chat room? You may have some favourite profiles that you would like to put in a separate area - perhaps the users that you've sent messages to. All you need to do is click on 'Add to Favourites' at the bottom of the full profile and that profile will be stored in your 'My Favourites' area. We hope you enjoy using these features and consider Pearmatch to be one of the best UK dating sites available.

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