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Go back to that list of questions you wrote down a little while ago and see what you haven't asked yet. Online dating agencies that perform two way matching will have done some of the hard work for you by putting you in touch with people that you should have some things in common with. However, dating agencies can't find out absolutely everything for you though! If they had it might not be quite so enjoyable finding out about each other.

The questions that you ask will depend very much on you personally. However, just to get you thinking we've put a few together here. If money was not an issue what would they really like to do with their life and does this fit in with your dreams? Do they have a high stress career which takes them away from home a lot - would you be happy with that? If you are both of that age, do you see yourselves having children. What do they do to unwind - anything? Is say religion or any other activity particularly important to them to the exclusion of other things? There are so many questions that could be asked but remember that most dating agencies allow you to be anonymous for as long as you like so if you don't get the answers you hope for you can break things off relatively painlessly without being concerned about being pestered.

While there was a time when it was hip for the glitterati to have 'open' relationships, most of the rest of us, and that includes most people registered with a quality online dating agency, are looking for an honest and monogamous relationship. Certainly most people that register with an online dating agency express that they are looking for a long term relationship. You could ask direct questions but if someone is trying to lie then they will probably lie to you directly! It may be best to work in the odd thing in a message from time to time talking about a 'friend' while asking for advice or their opinion. That way you are far more likely to bring out a genuine response. It may even reveal things about your potential partner's past as they personalise their response to you.

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dating agencies
dating agencies