love matches
love matches

Dating Rejection Sets You Free!

You probably had lots of matches to choose from when you first started internet dating and you possibly weren't quite sure of which ones to try contacting first. So, if your last relationship has just fallen apart, instead of being negative about being rejected, be positive - remember those heady days when you were almost spoiled for choice! Well now is the time to revisit those matches and also to look more seriously at all the new ones that have matched with you since.

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As well as reconsidering all of your existing and new love matches it might be an idea to think about what you have learned from your rejection. Was the relationship really that good for you? Were there things that you would like to change - both about yourself and your partner? If you feel that you really don't want to meet someone similar again then perhaps it's time to pull out one of your original wish lists that you made when you first started looking for love matches and think about revising it. Once you have done that you can then change your requirements, and maybe the sort of person you are, if you have learned something about yourself from the last relationship.

Having thought about things in detail again it's time to login to again and make your changes. First login and then click on 'My account' in the purple box on the left hand side of your screen. Now select 'Edit my profile'. This will allow you to change both your requirements for the sort of partner that you are seeking and also the way you present yourself to other users. This shouldn't take you very long. Once you've made your changes don't forget to press the submit button at the bottom of both pages. After a few seconds you'll be presented with a new list of matches for you to get in touch with. It's more than likely that there will some overlap between the two lists but you should be presented with plenty of new opportunities. You'll want to go through these new love matches in some detail. Don't be tempted to only view the full profiles of those with photographs - there can be a whole multitude of reasons why someone doesn't want to add a picture. Just because someone hasn't added a picture doesn't mean they're any less worthy of your time. In fact many profiles without pictures are a very interesting read and you might feel that you strike a cord with some of them.

Rejection can be a good thing, so long as we always learn from our experiences. While it may be hard to welcome rejection there really isn't any need to be scared of it. Life does go on and there are definitely many more people out there looking for someone just like you. Meeting new people and hopefully starting a new relationship is exciting and something to be embraced. You shouldn't regard it as a chore or consider it to be a result of failure. It's a new opportunity! Think of what you've learned about yourself and the sort of person you would like to be matched with and then go back to your computer and expand your horizons again - your perfect partner could just be online right now!

Stuck for something to do on a date?:

Try taking a hot air balloon ride. While this isn't exactly the cheapest of dates it is an amazing experience! Feel the thrill of floating effortlessly through the air in, for the most part, silence. Get a birds eye view of your neighbourhood and don't forget to take some pictures of each other for later. If you can find time to do this during the week rather than at the weekend then many companies will offer a discouted rate. Don't forget that balloon rides usually take place either shortly after dawn or in the early evening during the summer. If you wrap up warm then flights can often be taken in winter throughout the day. This is one experience that you will remember for years to come. Romance rating 10/10!!

You might want to have a backup plan just in case the pilot decides that the weather conditions aren't good for flying though:

If you got up early for your balloon ride and it couldn't take place then why not visit a cafe for breakfast and watch the 'lemmings' trudging to work in the knowledge that you don't have to today! Then maybe find one of those all-day cinemas where they show old movies! It's almost a guaranteed winner and a great 'save'!

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