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Can UK dating sites find romance in the real world?

If your internet romance is going to turn into a true romance in the 'real' world then sooner or later you will need to move outside of your UK dating service. There are no hard and fast rules for when you should do this. For some it may only be a matter of hours but for others it may be several weeks before you both feel comfortable enough to start giving out your personal contact details.

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True romance relies on trust and if you don't trust each other enough with your real contact details at this point then there is little point in trying to move away from the system yet. Give it a little while longer and see how things go. In many cases there is an escalating scale of trust. So you might give out your e-mail address to start with (maybe use a Yahoo account or some other free web based e-mail provider for additional anonymity), followed by your mobile number, then home phone and so on as you get more and more comfortable with each other. This seems a sensible way of doing things, and one that we at endorse, as many people, especially women, are a little nervous of giving away too much information too soon. You shouldn't view this negatively or as an afront to your good nature as you can't blame someone for playing things safely, especially when they don't know you very well yet. Just respect that decision and be patient a while longer - a true romance can wait a little while longer!

If your match didn't add a photograph of themselves to their profile on the dating site then, rather than asking for a picture of them, we would always recommend that you offer your own first after sending a few messages. It might be a nice idea if you just attached it to a message without saying that you're going to - and without asking for one in return. Having seen your photo they will certainly think about sending one of their own pictures to you. If they don't send one back then you shouldn't push for one - they've already thought about it and decided not to let you have one at this stage. It doesn't mean that they're unattractive. In fact, quite the opposite may be true and they may just want you to get to know them for their personality before dazzling you with their good looks. There are many reasons why someone may not want to add a photo to their profile or send you one separately. Some people can be a little reticent to start with but please do respect their decision. If it's going to turn into a true romance it won't matter - you'll probably soon get to meet in person anyway. Also, don't forget that photographs are not always accurate. A professionally taken picture can be quite deceptive, in just the same way that a poorly taken amateur picture can be just as misleading. Some people are lucky enough to photograph very well and others don't - but they often look very different face to face. Remember that a picture is just that - it's only a representation of someone - it's not the actual person!

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Why not check out your local gig guide? You'll often find them in the back of your local newspaper or, failing that, there are some great resources online that should be able to help you with your selection. Some will undoubtedly be cover bands and some will produce their own original music. Whatever you fancy you're almost certain to have a good time. Live music v CD? Live - every time we think!

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