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Making Anonymous Phone Calls

This was perhaps a bad title for this page as it suggests something which dating agencies, BT and the Police take a very dim view of! However, if someone does offer you their phone number so that you can call them you might still want to keep yours secret. There isn't anything wrong in doing this and it's probably very sensible.

Online dating agencies, like the rest of the world, are not full of multiple murders. The news may make you feel that you're the only sane and normal person in the world but statistically speaking you would be very unlucky to start dating a serial killer! However, there is no harm in making yourself as safe as possible.

Before you ring someone from your home withhold your phone number - your telephone company will be able to help you with this if you don't know how to do it. Alternatively phone from a call box. You should not concern yourself about what the other person will think of you if you withhold your number - dating agencies recommend this practice and it should come as no surprise to them. They might initially be a little upset that you don't trust them but if they're worth being with they will soon realise that you're just being cautious and sensible.

There can be many reasons why someone may not want to give you their phone number. They can range from not being at home much due to work through to living in a shared house - they may not want you phoning up saying 'Hi, it's James from Pearmatch' to one of their housemates. Nearly all online dating agencies advise against this approach but it can still happen. Respect the other persons wishes and don't try to push them into giving you their phone number. They will find a way around the problem for you if they want to take the relationship further. Take things at the pace you are both comfortable with and as things develop you will usually find these problems disappear.

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