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Leaving The Internet Behind

Moving the relationship from your online dating agency to the real world is the most important initial goal. It will also tell you a great deal more about the person you have been messaging. While sending messages can tell you an awful lot about each other ultimately you both should want to move this to the telephone and beyond. You won't be able to hear someone's voice, or see if they have any excruciatingly annoying habits that you just can't live with, until you progress the relationship further.

When you move away from your online dating agency and into the real world is largely up to you. You may feel you're ready to do that but the other party might not. Just be patient. You've both got to feel comfortable with the timing and there's no point in trying to push someone into going faster than they want to - it often has the complete opposite effect. So how long do people take to move from the virtual online dating agency to the real world? It's very difficult to say. For some people it's only a matter of a few minutes for others it can take several weeks. Much depends on the intensity of messaging to start with and how much and how quickly you get to know about each other online.

So how do you ask for someone's phone number? The simplest way is not to ask for it at all! Instead of asking for someone else's phone number why don't you give yours out. That way you are showing yourself to be an open individual and offering someone an invitation to call you while indicating that you would like to move things along. Your 'invitation' probably won't be taken up immediately as the other party (often the woman) will want time to think about it. However, while she does think about it there's no reason why you can't carry on messaging each other through your online dating agency.

We certainly recommend the above approach. By not asking for their phone number right out you are not invading their personal security zone. You are allowing them a choice - they can choose to phone you or they can choose not to. The important point is that you have allowed them to still feel and be in control of the situation and being in control of the situation is what any quality matchmaker recommends to all their clients.

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